Top Resorts in Bangalore

Top Resorts in Bangalore


Resorts are perfect weekend getaways for any of the people living in the metros. And Bangalore, especially, hosts some of the amazing resorts in Karnataka like the unique Guhantara, Mango Mist Resort, Suggee, Raaya resorts etc that offer a range of activities and amazing time to spend with the most valuable ones of your life. So here is an article that provides you the glimpses of these resorts that are located in and around Bangalore.  

Here are list of some top resorts in Bangalore

Guhantara Resort 

Guhantara Resort is located on the outskirts of Bangalore city of Karnataka. This resort is unique as it is a cave based resort, which you can see right near to the city. The entrance is a bamboo laden one with a good ambiance. Now from the entrance, if you hit the right side, you will see a cave passageway, which resembles the actual caves. It has holes on the top and lights on the sidewalk and fresh air keeps coming. The walk would be about 150 meters and will finally lead you to the interior of the resort. So as soon as you enter, you can see a nice waterfall, where the raindance also happens.

On a closer look at the waterfall and swimming pool, it is a beautiful place to chill out. And you can also enter the pool, which has an amazing waterfall at the backdrop. After a refreshing time in the pool you can go ahead and explore the places of the resort like a spa for massage therapy, outdoor swimming pool, sitting area, beautiful green hill for relaxation. And the activities like pottery making, which you can make with your own hands, temporary tattoo section, foosball, etc. Then after a complete immersion into the activities, it would be the time for lunch and this place has some amazing quality cuisine. In order to enjoy a perfect weekend, you must visit the Guhantara Resort. 

Mango Mist Resort 

The Mango Mist Resort is the most sought after resort in Bangalore and this is very near to the city as well. The resort can be booked both online and offline and you can directly visit the resort for the surprise planning. The resort offers a great ambiance and the lunch area is equally appealing. The lunch area here is divided into two sections, where the first one is reserved for live starters like Samosa chaat, Papdi chaat, Tawa Fish etc and the other one is reserved for main course in the form of a barbecue center.

After a complete meal it would now be the time for adventure games and water sports like kayaking, boating etc. There is an area within the resort called high tea for a nice tea after the games. Then comes the most awaited raindance ad in the night you can enjoy a campfire along with your loved ones by coming to this Mango Mist Resort. 

Suggee Resort

Suggee Resort is one of those resorts that will switch on your relaxation mode. This resort is located on Bannerghatta road near Anekallu and a 40 kilometers drive from Bangalore. Suggee resort has a vast outlet area that gives a feeling of grand welcome to the visitors who are coming to the resort.

The resort has many activities like zip lining, which is pretty lengthy in this resort, drive on ATV, archery, target shooter, rope activities, land zorb etc. In Land zorbing you will be fitted into a transparent giant ball and rolled on the land, which is an amazing experience to have. There is also a raindance facility in the open air along with a wide pool area. So do check out this resort for a pocket friendly weekend.  

Raaya Resort 

Raaya resort is 120 kilometers away from the Bangalore city on the Mysore road and is placed right next to the Kaveri River. This is a river club where there is accessibility of the river side front all the day. You can also get the chance of camping on the banks of the river Kaveri along with many water sports. The water sports on river Kaveri includes Kayaking, boating, pedal boating and many more.

You can also shoot in the woods as it has at least 100 trees spread all across the resort. For dinner they provide some delicious food like the Ghee rice, butter chicken, nice barbecue etc. After a nice dinner, you can enjoy the bonfire that will end with a nice sleep in a cozy room. So do come and enjoy the life in this beautiful resort off the city of Bangalore.

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