Top Things to do near Bangalore

Top Things to do near Bangalore

Kodachadri Hill Trek

Trekking is among the few opportunities to be within the cityscape. However, in Karnataka close to Bangalore Kodachadri Trek is accessible from all corners, which allows trekkers to take advantage of the opportunity to trek through the Western Ghats. Kodachadri Trek is a popular winter trek in Karnataka which is situated in the hills of the Western Ghats.

In Nittur you can enjoy an unbeatable morning which awaits you to begin the trek. There are a variety of methods to start your hike, starting from Gurute and Kattinahole. Both of them lead to Hidlumane waterfalls which are fascinating to observe. The first part of the hike goes through the forest and then after a short distance there is a bridge built over the river.

Within 2 kilometers of the trail is an immense meadow that has an easy path for the trail. After five kilometers, you’ll be able to see the river Tunga running alongside you, as it flows alongside you. If you decide to do this trek during the post monsoon season it is certain that you will be amazed by the beauty of the trek, especially along the Kattinahole route.


Gudibande Fort near Bangalore

Gudibande Fort is located just 100 km away from Bangalore and in addition to the fort, you will also see the stunning beauty of two lakes close by. It was built by Byre Gowda during and in the 17th century. Many believe it’s a copy of Madhuri fort. It is possible to take the Chikballapur Highway and hit the left towards Gudibande fort. Gudibande fort. On the way to Gudibande there is Bhairasagara lake to the left. This is the first of the lakes before the fort. After that, you’ll go to the fort, and then there is the following lake. Following this lake in less than 10 minutes drive then you’ll head for Gudibande fort. 

There’s plenty of parking space for your car in the fort’s area. The stairs of the fort have been carved out of rocks that strengthen them. There are seven levels within the fort, with interconnecting spaces to escape routes due to the demands of the king in the wartime. As you ascend, you’ll experience the height of the fort. However, it is accessible through the proper steps. At the highest point of the fort is the Shiva temple that is one of the 108 Jyotirlingas. The main attraction of the fort is its rain harvesting. You can witness various methods employed by the King to save water. This is a wonderful experience in the natural world and has historic significance.

Ganalu Falls

Ganalu Falls is located 95 kilometers from Bangalore and the ideal time to visit the place is during the monsoon season when it will be at maximum capacity. The waterfall flows out of Shimsha the river that eventually joins with Kaveri River and this Shimsha river flows from Tumkur. The place is accessible via the Malavalli and Kanakapura road, after that, turn left towards Muthathi Road. After a drive of 16 km away from Muthathi road, you’ll need to stop at an ancient temple which will lead you towards Ganalu Falls.

Another location is called Benki Falls nearby Muthathi. After 2.5 kilometers of off-roading you’ll find two routes that both take you to the left, which will lead to Ganalu Falls. Ganalu Falls. After that, you’ll be able to enter into the forest and eventually get close to the waterfall. The waterfalls are awe-inspiring during monsoons and while ascending the hill, make sure to move with care because the terrain is slippery. You will definitely appreciate the drive and the view of these waterfalls.

Bangalore Palace

In addition to visiting the natural sites There are numerous human-made places that Bangalore hosts .The Bangalore Palace can count as one of them. attraction to see. It is situated at Vasanth Nagar and was once privately owned by the Wadiyar family from Karnataka. Today, the palace’s ownership has been transferred to the Mysore Royal Family. Mysore Royal Family. It is a Tudor-style structure that has many adorned balconies, wood furniture, grand pilasters, and huge ceilings. 

There is a huge Darbar Hall that was earlier used to hold the formalities of the king , and is now a stunning spot to gaze upon. The walls are decorated with many beautiful artworks and The windows have been intricately designed by skilled craftsmen. It will be fascinating to stool that is made from an elephant’s foot! Make sure to visit the place and enjoy the royal history.



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